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Watch The Movie Ek Din Laut Ke Aaonga

Now, in the age of Yashraj films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, KabhiAlvida Na Kehna, and Omkara, Main Ek Din Laut Ke Aaonga is a datedstory. Such storylines sounded very interesting with a number ofunexpected twists and turns in the 1970s and 1980s, with films likeKhoon Bhari Maang. In fact, in hindsight, one can safely say thatMain Ek Din Laut Ke Aaonga has obvious undercurrents of Khoon BhariMaang. Clichéd stories of betrayal, face reconstructions,duplicates and amnesia-struck actors are from the generation past.Now, audiences are interested in seeing realism but with a wow-factor!An obvious example of such movies can be found in Bollywood todayunder names like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, and Ram Gopal Varma.Unfortunately, despite having countless Bollywood films from the70s and 80s as examples, the execution of the clichéd plotwas severely lacking. Despite having been shot in India, the filmlacked the professional touch that is so evident in Bollywood films.It just goes to show that simply filming and doing post-productionwork in a different country does not make a film a success. A movie is an amalgamation of the script, the actors, the sets,the production, the lighting, and so on and so forth. Changing oneor two of these cannot ensure success; instead improving all isthe only way to make a successful film. While doing the filmingand post-production work in India is reflected in the picture quality,the most crucial part of a film, the dialogues, were just not effective.In addition to that, director Javed Fazil cannot fill a frame theway someone like Karan Johar can. If one compares 'Dil Ke Taar' from Main Ek Din Laut ke Aaonga with'Boley Churiyan' from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, one can see whatit means to fill a frame to have maximum impact! When the cameratakes an aerial shot of the scene in 'Boley Churiyan', the effectis so grand and impressive; one can't help but be in awe of thenumber of perfectly choreographed extras in their exquisite costumes,moving without missing a beat! The wow factor that is added to anyscene is by focusing on minute details, even if it means spendingmore time and money on the extras rather than the main leads.Taking into consideration the actors in the film, it was evidentthat the actors that shone through with their talent, and who madethe film believable were Javed Sheikh, Nadeem, Humayun Saeed, andPooja Kanwal, from India. The rest of the cast just wasn't cohesiveenough, not gelling into their supporting roles turning out performancespar excellence. Similarly, Nausheen Ali Sardar, who has previouslyalso worked in Pakistani TV serials, and who shot to fame in Indiafor her role in Kkusum, should stick to TV serials; she isn't suitedfor big screen performances. Running at the Cineplex since its release, the film manages to attracta very small number of viewers. After all, with films like The GoodShepherd showing, not many people are interested in Main Ek DinLaut Ke Aaonga. And the few that do go, are simply there becausethey are in a large group looking for a good time. It is quite sadto see that throughout the film the audience is laughing and crackingjokes, no matter what type of scene is running, romantic, tragic,or comical. Out of the 15-20 viewers that go to watch the film onan average day, there are always a few that get up halfway throughthe film to walk out, preferring to forgo the amount spent on theirticket, rather than sit through a film which, quite frankly is notworth the time.On a more positive note though, the music of the film is its strength.The melodies by Jawad Ahmed are catchy and they manage to strikea chord with listeners, especially the famous number 'Dil ke Taar',sung by Jawad Ahmed and the legendary Asha Bhosle. However, it mustbe noted that while the music is the best aspect of the film, JawadAhmed's voice isn't suitable for all the numbers. His deep voiceis very expressive in upbeat songs like 'Dil ke Taar', yet it lacksthe expression and softness for romantic slow songs. Such collaborative projects which bring together Pakistan and India,should undoubtedly continue, but the level of integration shouldgo beyond using Indian locations and Indian singers. Perhaps collaborationwith script writers and directors would help to bring Pakistanimovies to a global standard, something which India has mastered,as is evident by India's growing global presence. India has managedto capture an international platform by showing at the Cannes FilmFestival, being nominated for international awards like the WorldTaurus Stunt Awards, and the Academy Awards. Main Ek Din Laut Ke Aaonga was undoubtedly a move in the right direction,and perhaps with time we hope to see an improvement in our films,so that one day rather than turning to Bollywood glam, we opt forLollywood glitz!

watch the movie Ek Din Laut Ke Aaonga

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