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Tom Brady Dating Girlfriend

Veronika Rajek has been in the news for a variety of reasons in recent times. Certainly, there has been a massive upsurge in her popularity and a lot of credit for it has to go to the Tom Brady dating rumors.

tom brady dating girlfriend

Tom and Bridget continue to have an amicable relationship, with the John Wick actress congratulating her ex-boyfriend on his Super Bowl wins and supporting their kid in his dream of becoming a professional athlete. After Tom announced his retirement from professional football in January 2023, he honored his ex-girlfriend with a rare photo on his Instagram Story of him, Bridget and Jack. The picture showed the trio dressed in button-down shirts, with Brady and Jack just in their socks while Bridget wore flip-flops.

Curious Twitter users, lovelorn Patriots fans, the Free Beacon interns. The rumor mill started turning in December, when Newsweek reported the newly divorced Bucs quarterback was dating Rajek, a Miss Slovakia finalist who claims Instagram once deleted her account because she was too hot to be real.

Brady recently un-retired from football and then un-married supermodel Gisele Bündchen, whose Germanic name and Brazilian heritage have us wondering what her grandfather was doing during the Battle of the Bulge. Other than winning his eighth Super Bowl, dating a Zionist smokeshow would be the ultimate rebuke to the vegan shiksa who tried to ruin his life. Maybe Veronika will even let him eat a cheeseburger.

"Tom, have you been considering dating Sally Field after that Oscar worthy-performance or what?" Gronkowski jokingly asked during an appearance on the SiriusXM podcast "Let's Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray" Monday.

After previously supporting his February 2022 retirement announcement, the And Just Like That actress celebrated Brady's surprise return to the NFL one month later. "Thank God, I had no idea what I was going to do with my Sundays. Congratulations @tombrady, so proud of you!" Moynahan wrote via Instagram.

Rajek told her 3.3 million followers: "I saw the LEGEND [football emoji] and if somebody asks me again if I love Brady, yes I love him, and show me somebody who doesn't. Even his haters love him because they know he is the [GOAT]," she wrote, adding a heart and flame emoji. "@tombrady thank you for an amazing show #GOATFOREVER #12."

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of football. (He racked up his seventh Super Bowl win in 2021.) He rose to definitive heartthrob status over the course of his career, even inspiring a group of elderly women to travel to the Super Bowl in hopes of seeing him \u2014 a story chronicled in the movie \"80 For Brady.\" \nOver the years, Brady has frequently made headlines for his relationships, particularly his marriage to model Gisele B\u00fcndchen. The pair were together from 2009 to October 2022 before they finalized their divorce. They share two children, Benjamin and Vivian, and Brady also has a son named Jack with his ex Bridget Moynahan. In the wake of his divorce, he's been focusing on his kids. \"Obviously, the good news is it's a very amicable situation, and I'm really focused on two things: taking care of my family \u2014 and certainly my children \u2014 and secondly, doing the best job I can to win football games,\" he said in a November 2022 interview.\nBrady announced his second retirement from football in February, after initially retiring a year prior but returning for another season. Before B\u00fcndchen, the football star was linked to several other women. Relive Brady's relationship history ahead. \n\n Related:\n\n \n \n \n \n\n Relive Tom Brady and Gisele B\u00fcndchen's Romance in Photos\n \n \n","id":43549615,"type":"gallery","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Kevin Winter","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615","share_text":"Tom Brady Was Married to Gisele B\u00fcndchen For Over a Decade \u2013 Relive His Full Dating History","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"Tom BradyCelebrity CouplesCelebrity FactsCelebrity Breakups","is_cover":true},"image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/cMXuIapgIOTKGDCSBPUmyo60-tk\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/26da1286ff392662_GettyImages-708497\/i\/Layla-Roberts.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/Sd_DN9WnpNJxNvlMMXlBeEHStVw\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/26da1286ff392662_GettyImages-708497\/i\/Layla-Roberts.jpg","title":"Layla Roberts","intro_text":false,"body":"Brady briefly dated the former Playboy model in 2002, per Us Weekly. During that time, she was also linked to Vin Diesel, but she eventually tied the knot with AltaVista founder John Hilinski in 2004. \n","id":43549619,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ David Klein","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/43549615\/image\/43549619\/Layla-Roberts","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615","share_text":"Layla Roberts","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":1,"slide_tags":"Tom BradyCelebrity BreakupsCelebrity CouplesCelebrity Facts","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/iPpZwQ5nyzNl8YyyIc12NDyrT2Y\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/f569b21565913024_GettyImages-104615808\/i\/Tara-Reid.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/8JxhWsB4VbWHXkoEffjsEQGctP8\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/f569b21565913024_GettyImages-104615808\/i\/Tara-Reid.jpg","title":"Tara Reid","intro_text":false,"body":"The quarterback was rumored to have hooked up with the actress back in 2002. According to Us Weekly, during an interview with Australian radio show \"Kylie and Jackie O\" in 2014, Reid dished on their make-out session, saying, \"[We] have kissed . . . He's pretty good-looking.\"\n","id":43549620,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Chris Weeks","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/43549615\/image\/43549620\/Tara-Reid","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615","share_text":"Tara Reid","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":2,"slide_tags":"Tom BradyCelebrity BreakupsCelebrity CouplesCelebrity Facts","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/f57-eM0XuIQ1R81_-FtevM3E3Kk\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/0582d36d315ea9cf_GettyImages-51035996\/i\/Bridget-Moynahan.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/0GHp-wc5r3H1Kxifw2lDF1t_OOI\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/0582d36d315ea9cf_GettyImages-51035996\/i\/Bridget-Moynahan.jpg","title":"Bridget Moynahan","intro_text":false,"body":"Brady dated the actor for three years, according to E!, before calling things off in December 2006 to be with Gisele B\u00fcndchen. Two months after their breakup, Moynahan's rep confirmed she was expecting her first child, son Jack, with Brady, and she gave birth in August 2007. Both relationships overlapped a tiny bit, and in a 2011 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Moynahan opened up about the split, saying, \"When you're suddenly pregnant and no one is standing by your side, even if you're in your 30s, it's a hard conversation. I'm a traditional girl, and I believe in marriage, and I just always thought that's the way I'd be doing this. For a moment, it was hard for me to accept that this was the way I was going to have a family.\" \nMeanwhile, Moynahan, Brady, and B\u00fcndchen have worked hard to create a stable family for Jack, which seems to have gone pretty well.\n","id":43549618,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Kevin Winter","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/43549615\/image\/43549618\/Bridget-Moynahan","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615","share_text":"Bridget Moynahan","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":3,"slide_tags":"Tom BradyCelebrity BreakupsCelebrity CouplesCelebrity Facts","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/jUOGWZ9-wtOG6WRp7jVXewJ028M\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/e9ab0f325152e76d_GettyImages-76857612\/i\/Meghan-Vasconcellos.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/1mNkp2vcCTo0q2EuHjGTmW0uQSA\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/e9ab0f325152e76d_GettyImages-76857612\/i\/Meghan-Vasconcellos.jpg","title":"Meghan Vasconcellos","intro_text":false,"body":"Brady reportedly had a short fling with the New England Patriots cheerleader while he was still with Moynahan in 2006, according to a few sites. While not much is known about their relationship, per Bespoke, Vasconcellos later moved on with Brady's teammate, Lonie Paxton, and the two got married in 2011.\n","id":43549621,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Arthur Anderson","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/43549615\/image\/43549621\/Meghan-Vasconcellos","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615","share_text":"Meghan Vasconcellos","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":4,"slide_tags":"Tom BradyCelebrity BreakupsCelebrity CouplesCelebrity Facts","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/E5fgyLqQ8dn5gB9Y6btRG3iu7ss\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/8a74d9188a9f4f7a_GettyImages-675676344\/i\/Gisele-B\u00fcndchen.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/kpPEXswqBmmlIwsupdFdR-0zehA\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/8a74d9188a9f4f7a_GettyImages-675676344\/i\/Gisele-B\u00fcndchen.jpg","title":"Gisele B\u00fcndchen","intro_text":false,"body":"Brady found love with B\u00fcndchen while he was still in a relationship with Moynahan. The pair began dating in 2006, and B\u00fcndchen said she \"knew right [a]way\" that Brady was the one. \nWhile the supermodel \"wasn't looking for a relationship\" at the time, Brady ended up breaking things off with Moynahan, who later revealed she was pregnant with their son, Jack, and gave birth in August 2007. \nThe couple tied the knot in 2009, and B\u00fcndchen fully embraced being a stepmom to Jack and always appeared to be on good terms with Moynahan.\nUnfortunately, rumors about marital difficulties began to surge in 2022 amid Brady's return to football (following his first retirement). B\u00fcndchen and Brady divorced in October 2022. \"We arrived at this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together,\" Brady said in a statement on his Instagram Story at the time. \"We are blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way. We will continue to work together as parents to always ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve.\"\nB\u00fcndchen also addressed the split on her IG Story. \"The decision to end a marriage is never easy but we have grown apart and while it is, of course, difficult to go through something like this, I feel blessed for the time we had together and only wish the best for Tom always,\" she wrote.\n","id":43549622,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Jackson Lee","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/43549615\/image\/43549622\/Gisele-B\u00fcndchen","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615","share_text":"Gisele B\u00fcndchen","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":5,"slide_tags":"Tom BradyCelebrity BreakupsCelebrity CouplesCelebrity Facts","content":"\n \n \n \n \n Up Next\n \n \n \n Gisele B\u00fcndchen Reacts to Tom Brady's Retirement: \"Wishing You Only Wonderful Things\"\n \n\n\n\n Image Source: Getty\n","type":"end_screen","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/tom-brady-nfl-retirement-48699494","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/RShKC6oTyqT2Kmau7bu9zAHVUTs\/0x0:2952x2952\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/02\/01\/776\/n\/1922398\/e560902f63daa37f56ea17.52039556_\/i\/tom-brady-nfl-retirement.jpg"], "tweet":"Tom Brady Was Married to Gisele B\u00fcndchen For Over a Decade \u2013 Relive His Full Dating History","next":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/tom-brady-nfl-retirement-48699494","prev":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/harlem-cast-pictures-48630817","slideCount":5,"addNumbers":true,"isCPC":false,"disableInterstitials":true,"tweetText":"Tom Brady Was Married to Gisele B\u00fcndchen For Over a Decade \u2013 Relive His Full Dating History","pinterestImage":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/Sd_DN9WnpNJxNvlMMXlBeEHStVw\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2017\/05\/17\/155\/n\/1922398\/26da1286ff392662_GettyImages-708497\/i\/Layla-Roberts.jpg","galleryURL":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/Who-Has-Tom-Brady-Dated-43549615", ]); want more? 350c69d7ab

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