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Pretty Link Pro Nulled Codel

? Track the Number of Clicks and Unique Clicks per linkTrack how well your pretty links are performing by viewing the number of overall clicks and unique clicks on your links.

Pretty Link Pro Nulled Codel

All the blog post links will have URLs that follow the format that you have specified, but if you click any one of those links the Web server will return a 404 - File Not Found error. This is because WordPress relies on a URL rewriting capability within the server to rewrite requests that have "pretty permalinks" to an Index.php file. In the next section, you will create a rule that will provide this capability.

In this walkthrough you learned how to use the URL Rewrite module to enable "pretty permalinks" in the WordPress blog engine. WordPress is just one example of the many popular PHP applications that can take advantage of the URL Rewrite module in IIS, a feature that enables user-friendly and search engine-friendly URLs.

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