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[S3E7] Strike Out PORTABLE

It is week three of the IPS strike, and Doug has just been hanging around the house for all three of them. Deacon has also been out of work and Kelly has had enough of his laziness. Carrie and Kelly decide to have Arthur, Doug, and Deacon spend the whole day together. However, their plan backfires, because the three of them become uncontrollable delinquents. In the end, the strike is ended.

[S3E7] Strike Out

The IPS strike has dragged on into its third week, and both Doug and Deacon are spending the majority of their days doing very little outside of sleeping all day. Carrie and Kelly decide to make a play date with Doug, Deacon and Arthur, but the plan backfires when they turn into a trio of merry pranksters. Doug gets tired and annoyed when Deacon's son activates his See N Say on the same animal. Doug gets upset because the See N Say stops on the cow, and so he and Arthur decide to play roulette with the See N Say. Doug chooses the frog, Deacon is the sheep, and Arthur is the pig. Eventually, the strike ends, as Doug and Deacon return to work, leaving Arthur alone.

Rehearsing for his big 40th birthday bash, Kendall sings "Honesty" by Billy Joel. It's not quite as catchy as L to the OG but in Kendall's eyes, it's the "full f****** thing." In true Succession fashion, it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes. Newsweek has everything you need to know about the latest instalment of Succession.

Ah, Glenn. Did the guy show up for this episode or what? Yeun had so few lines but didn't need any of them because his performance spoke volumes. You can't help but admire Glenn's resolve, whether in the face of a brutal beating by Merle, a life-threatening Walker attack or even a gun to his half-naked girlfriend's head. But it was all for naught as Maggie spilled the beans as soon as Glenn's life was extra-threatened. (You have to feel bad for Maggie in one sense for being sexually assaulted. On the other hand, I hear that what happens to a different character in a similar situation in the comics is much, much worse. Compared to Glenn and that character, Maggie didn't fare too poorly.) For as smart as Glenn is, he slipped up when he told Merle that Andrea was still with Rick's group. As for Maggie, the Gov doesn't know whether she's lying or not when she tells him they only had 10 people in their party that cleared the prison. For some reason, this seems to strike the Governor as an impossibility. I guess we'll find out why next week!

Then, the Romulan ship approaches the Enterprise giving them one last chance to return their officer to them. When Picard informs him that he is dead, the Romulan ship powers up its disruptor array. Picard orders all shields at maximum and locks phasers. At this instant, the signal-pattern from the neutrino beacon modulates, indicating that La Forge found it and is alive. Data also detects a second lifeform in addition to La Forge. They realize, however, that they cannot transport them with the shields up. At the same time, if they lower their shields, the Romulan vessel will strike.

But when a worried Dawson confronts Severide one-on-one, he stays steadfast in his decision, refuting her assertion that he's hiding his unsettled emotions about Shay's death behind the marriage. He points out that not only is he happy, but that Dawson and Casey are the ones hiding. This strikes a chord with Dawson and it's not until she sees Severide with new wife Brittany Baker that she feels at ease. Brittany manages to address the craziness of the situation head-on and impresses the whole gang with her personality (and donuts). At first angry with Casey for offering up their apartment to someone they hardly know, Dawson soon admits to liking Brittany and, indeed, that the newlyweds appear happy.

While on a mission off-world, the team is ambushed by a Genii strike team. As the team escapes through the Stargate, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard is captured by Commander Acastus Kolya. Back on Atlantis, the team suspects that Ladon Radim, the current leader of the Genii, had betrayed them. Ladon arrives to Atlantis and asserts that he is not responsible for Sheppard's capture.

It is revealed that the reason for Kolya's antagonism towards Ladon is their rivalry for the leadership of the Genii. Kolya firmly believes that he is the rightful ruler of the Genii, but his plans were ruined by Ladon, who informed the government of his rival's plans and pulled off a coup of his own. Ladon agrees to help the team find Sheppard. With the information he provides, the marine team strikes at a Genii outpost, but quickly discover it to be a dead end.

Aunt Lou worries while Hearst meets with Odell, who seeks assistance with a gold find in Liberia. Odell shows Hearst an assay report and a sample of the ore, explaining he's authorized to seek partnership as first deacon of his congregation. Noting liquor on Odell's breath, Hearst asks if the congregation has loose rules about drink. Showing gold, thousands of miles from its "purported source," doesn't impress, Hearst tells him. It seems a slipshod approach to fleecing him. Odell takes umbrage, and Hearst calms him to continue their discussion.At the Number Ten, Nutall, Burns, Rutherford and Harry Manning discuss who should attend the meeting of the camp's leaders at the Gem. Nutall insists on bringing Harry. Seth asks Martha if they can eat quickly so he can attend. Jewel puts out cinnamon for peaches at the meeting, setting off Dority, who doesn't want it set out. Burns tries to rouse Doc to come to Al's meeting, but the Doc is too sick.Trixie, in a state over Alma's dope use and the camp tensions, worries about what's to become of Sofia. Sol suggests the Bullocks or he and Trixie could take her. "You'd have us care for a child?" Trixie asks, touched.Waiting for the meeting's participants, Cy and Al discuss Hearst. Given his rage at the ear-pulling he suffered from Bullock, Cy thinks they have but one option: "Giving Hearst Bullock's the only thing that don't end with the camp in flames."Gustave the tailor busts in with something important for Mr. Swearengen, who agrees to see him before the meeting commences. Gustave presents Al with a vibrant array of swatches to wrap his finger stump in style.Joanie tries to sponge clean Jane, who hollers and resists, insisting she has no sisters and is not used to such treatment. Joanie confesses she slept with both her sisters but would never touch Jane if she didn't want it. Jane gives her leave to kiss her, and Joanie does.Hearst strikes a deal with Odell. In a moment of emotion, he confides how he hates Deadwood, that such places make him an outcast. "I want to send you to help your people, and take this place down like Gomorrah."With Bullock arrived at the Gem, the meeting begins. Bullock tosses his badge on the table and Cy jumps at the chance to placate Hearst, but Al rejects the gesture. Utter suggests sending women and children away, then attacking Hearst "as Wild Bill would've done." Bullock presents another idea, a letter, which Merrick reads aloud: a message of condolence to the family of the murdered Cornishman. Al orders Merrick publish the letter for Hearst and others to read: "That's a very nice f**king letter."Blazanov asks Merrick to accompany him to see Swearengen. Merrick leads the way and the telegraph man shows Al a message for Mr. Hearst, confirming the arrival of 25 additional bricks. They agree it is men, not materials, en route - as Blazanov heads off to deliver the sealed original to Hearst and Al destroys the copy.Harry collapses after the meeting, with trouble breathing, and Nuttall takes him to the Doc, who diagnoses him: "Don't eat cinnamon anymore."Aunt Lou worries about Odell getting into business with Hearst. She begs him to leave with her $742 and a brooch. She sobs, terrified for his well being. Instead her son comforts her.Burns, Adams and Dority rehash the meeting and the implication of publishing Bullock's letter.Alma watches over Sofia as she sleeps, sobbing: "I want to be good." When Ellsworth arrives to say goodnight to the child, Alma asks him again to reconsider leaving. "I pray now to forego forever," she vows. "Not having me in this house is going to improve your odds," he insists.Blazanov delivers the telegram to Hearst, who gives Blazanov a $20 gold piece in thanks.Chesterton continues to decline and Langrishe's temper is short with the stress of it. He stops to visit Al, who wishes he'd invited Langrishe to the meeting. Al confides the strategy: printing the letter of sympathy. "Strategy some might call ingenuous, and others merely off the point," notes Langrishe. Al wonders why he endorsed the plan but Langrishe defends it, "its publication invoking a decency whose scrutiny applies to him as to all his fellows? I call that strategy cunningly sophisticated..."Steve yells at the General for sleeping in the Livery, but asks if he'd be inclined to stay on and work. "No." says the General. "Nor would I wanna f**king have you!" Steve retorts.Al orders the Doc up to see him, confronting him on his illness and rumors that he may leave the camp. "I've believed for a dozen years that disease is airborne...and I won't make others sick." As the Doc leaves the Gem, Al storms after him, insisting the doc take swatches - one for a spit rag and the others for masks - and remain in camp, going about his business. "I ain't learning a new doc's quirks," Al insists.

Doug and Deacon, who are out of work because of a strike, resort to playing sophomoric pranks, along with Arthur, to keep from going stir crazy. But they're driving Carrie and Kelly nuts. Eventually, Doug and Deacon return to work leaving Arthur alone.

I'm not sure how you've found your way here, but I'm glad you did. This is your average blog from your average early-20s female, filled with opinions, anecdotal tangents, half-thought out jokes, reviews of various subjects and jabs at popular culture. If that strikes your fancy, stay a while, read a few articles and enjoy! 041b061a72

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