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The Complete Ranger's Handbook (Advanced Dungeo...

While the main character classes available have remained fairly consistent since the 1st edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, a variety of alternate base classes have been offered in supplemental books. The release of Unearthed Arcana in 1985, for instance, introduced the base class of Barbarian and reworked Paladins to be a type of the new base class "Cavalier".[2] Oriental Adventures also introduced a number of alternate classes more appropriate for an Eastern setting.[3] The 2nd edition added several completely new base classes (e.g. Runecaster and Shaman);[4][5] in addition, supplemental handbooks offered a variety of "kits" to customize each base class,[6][7] and the Dungeon Master's Guide offered rules for creating new character classes.[8] The 3rd edition introduced five classes for use in creating non-player characters in its Dungeon Master's Guide.[9]

The Complete Ranger's Handbook (Advanced Dungeo...


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