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The Corruptor

Closely related tropes are Manipulative Bastard, The Chessmaster and Toxic Friend Influence. See The Vamp or Lady Macbeth if female. See Corruption of a Minor for corruptors who specifically target children. Will often overlap with an evil Warrior Therapist, an Evil Mentor or Treacherous Advisor. See The Corruptible for the typical victim of this kind of villain, and Incorruptible Pure Pureness for those immune to their wiles. Contrast The Conscience, which tries to put someone on the right path, and The Redeemer, who brings someone to atonement.

The Corruptor

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Hi Fredrik,been following your designs for a while now! I really have to admit that you've done some impressive stuff! I would like to give the corruptor a go. But since I would like to reuse an old enclosure from a former project I wonder what to do with the left 3rd pot hole in it. I wonder if it's possible to make the ring effect switchable since inverter-based od/fuzz tend to sound quite good on their own. But now at the moment I'm not quite sure how to achieve that due to lacking skills in electronics. :/Thanks in advance!

Thanks Fredrik! That's exactly what I was looking for. I will try and get this put together tonight and test the momentary switch between the two.. it may not be as musical as I'm imagining it to be.. but it's worth a shot. I see you've also released a 2.0 board for the corruptor, I really like the blend, I built the Wolf Bagger a while back using your layout, and that was one of my favorite features of that particular device. I have decided I'm going to build a few more of your boards, but a few values of pots are elusive. I found C250K from mouser, but it's not the standoff leg variety, and the C200K for Arcadiator is pretty much unobtanium. Do you recommend B200K or do you have a source for some of these ? :) Thanks for reading. Love your effects, I preach them to everyone who will listen.

A genetic marvel, corruptors are giant brain-like creatures, with snapping beaks and dangling tentacles.[1] Its core genus of the strain is unknown. Leviathan Brood corruptors adapted themselves to survive in high gravity environments. The original genus was absorbed both by the Swarm and the primal zerg.[2]

The corruptor carries thick ink sacs that produce and store parasite spores, an ink-like substance that disrupts matter at a molecular level. Any vehicles or personnel doused with this compound become very vulnerable, as the atomic chains that kept them together became brittle.[3] The corruptor can cover its targets in acid, causing them to take additional damage from attacks.[1] This acid can cut through even the most durable of materials.[2] Primal zerg corruptors have evolved thicker claws and a more dense carapace.[2]

The corruptor's tentacles consist of elongated muscle fibers laden with cancerous growths. As said growths increase in size, consuming the surrounding tissues in the process, they generate a powerful electromagnetic field that warps gravity around the creature, granting it flight. If the corruptor does not regulate the growths, they are more than capable of completely consuming its tentacles. The spores stored in its ink sacs are circulated through the tentacles from time to time. This seems to inhibit (and even regress) the development of its ever-present cancerous growths. It is assumed by Dominion scientists that the creature does this to adjust its flight capabilities to new atmospheres, and to prevent the cancerous cells from consuming its tentacles.

Bulbous protrusions on the top and the sides of the corruptor constitute its raw brain mass, which also function as a disposable protective measure. When something hits the tissue with enough force, it becomes a foamy substance that absorbs and redirects the kinetic energy of the impact. The damaged brain tissue is then discarded and regenerated.[3]

Designed solely for use against aerial targets, corruptors are used against capital ships[5] and are deeply feared by both terrans and protoss. Fortunately for the Swarm's enemies, corruptors are usually found near only the most advanced hive clusters.[1]

The corruptor's genetic template was lost during the Second Great War when the Swarm fragmented after the Battle of Char. The brood lord was nearly lost with it; when the brood lord's template was recovered it was re-based on the mutalisk.[6]

Despite their essence seemingly having been lost from the Swarm, Kerrigan used corruptors in her attack on a Moebius Corps facility.[7] Furthermore, many corruptors survived among the feral zerg. During the End War, Amon enslaved a number of corruptors and used them to bolster his zerg forces.[8]

The corruptor is not in the zerg tech tree in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. The brood lord, in competition with the viper, may become a mutalisk evolution following the Mutalisk Evolution mission.[6]

Corruptors are exclusive to Zagara in Co-op Missions, and require a scourge nest instead of a spire to mutate. They have the Corruption ability but cannot evolve into brood lords. Zagara's corruptors use the Leviathan's Brood skin. 041b061a72

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