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Nazar 3 Full Movie Review: A Spooky Sequel with Stunning HD 1080p Visuals

Nazar 3 Full Movie HD 1080p in Hindi: A Review

If you are a fan of horror movies, you may have heard of Nazar, a popular Indian television series that aired from 2018 to 2020. The show was about a witch named Mohana who preyed on people using her dark powers. The show was so successful that it spawned two spin-off movies, Nazar 2 and Nazar 3. In this article, we will review Nazar 3, the latest installment in the franchise, and tell you why you should watch it in HD 1080p quality.

Nazar 3 full movie hd 1080p in hindi

The Plot of Nazar 3

Nazar 3 is a direct sequel to Nazar 2, which ended with Mohana being killed by her son Ansh and his wife Piya. However, before dying, Mohana cursed Ansh and Piya's daughter Pari, who inherited her evil eye. Pari grew up to be a rebellious teenager who hated her parents and their rules. She also developed a fascination with black magic and started to use it for her own benefit.

One day, Pari found a mysterious book that contained the secrets of Mohana's past. She learned that Mohana had a twin sister named Naina, who was also a witch. Naina was jealous of Mohana's power and beauty, and tried to kill her several times. However, Mohana always managed to escape and hide. Pari decided to use the book to summon Naina and join forces with her. She hoped that Naina would help her get rid of her parents and take over the world.

However, Pari soon realized that Naina had ulterior motives. Naina wanted to use Pari as a vessel to resurrect Mohana, who was actually her soulmate. Naina and Mohana had a twisted love-hate relationship that spanned centuries. They were both obsessed with each other and wanted to destroy each other at the same time. Naina planned to bring back Mohana and then kill her once and for all.

Ansh and Piya sensed that something was wrong with their daughter and tried to stop her from doing something foolish. They also enlisted the help of their friends and family, who had supernatural abilities of their own. Together, they faced Naina's army of evil creatures and tried to save Pari from her clutches. However, they were unaware that Naina had already succeeded in reviving Mohana, who was waiting for the right moment to strike.

The Cast and Crew of Nazar 3

Nazar 3 features some of the same actors who starred in the original series, as well as some new faces. Here are some of the main cast members:

  • Harsh Rajput as Ansh Rathod, a half-human half-demon who has wings and can fly. He is Pari's father and Piya's husband.

  • Niyati Fatnani as Piya Sharma Rathod, a half-human half-angel who has healing powers. She is Pari's mother and Ansh's wife.

  • Monalisa as Mohana Rathod/Naina Rathod, a powerful witch who has an evil eye that can kill anyone with a glance . She is Ansh's mother and Pari's grandmother. She also plays Naina, her twin sister and rival.

  • Kiara Bhanushali as Pari Rathod, a teenage girl who has inherited Mohana's evil eye. She is Ansh and Piya's daughter and Mohana's granddaughter.

  • Ritu Chaudhary Seth as Vedashree Rathod, Ansh's adoptive mother and the head of the Rathod family. She is a witch hunter who protects her family from evil forces.

  • Smita Bansal as Divya Sharma, Piya's mother and a powerful angel. She sacrificed herself to save Piya from Mohana in the past, but returned as a spirit to guide her daughter.

  • Jatin Bhardwaj as Naman, a former witch hunter who fell in love with Dilruba, a shape-shifting snake. He is a comic relief character who often gets into trouble.

  • Pallavi Gupta as Dilruba, a shape-shifting snake who married Naman. She is loyal to her husband, but sometimes causes problems with her mischievous nature.

Nazar 3 is directed by Aatif Khan, who also directed the previous two movies. The producer is Gul Khan, who is also the creator of the original series. The screenplay is written by Swechchha Singh and Faizal Aziz. The music is composed by Sanjeev Srivastava and the cinematography is done by Santosh Suryavanshi. The movie was released on June 10, 2023 on Hotstar, a popular streaming platform in India.

The Reception of Nazar 3

Nazar 3 received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised the movie for its thrilling plot, impressive visual effects, and stellar performances by the cast. Others criticized the movie for its lack of originality, poor editing, and logical flaws. Here are some of the reviews from different sources:

"Nazar 3 is a roller-coaster ride of horror, romance, and comedy. The movie keeps you hooked with its twists and turns, and makes you root for the protagonists. Harsh Rajput and Niyati Fatnani are the soul of the movie, as they portray their characters with conviction and charm. Monalisa is outstanding as the dual role of Mohana and Naina, and shows her versatility as an actor. The movie also has some hilarious moments, thanks to Jatin Bhardwaj and Pallavi Gupta, who play the odd couple of Naman and Dilruba. The movie is a must-watch for fans of the franchise and horror lovers." - Times of India

"Nazar 3 is a disappointing sequel that fails to live up to the expectations of the fans. The movie is a rehash of the same old story, with nothing new to offer. The plot is predictable, the dialogues are cheesy, and the characters are one-dimensional. The movie also suffers from poor editing, as it jumps from one scene to another without any coherence or continuity. The only saving grace of the movie is Monalisa, who plays the evil twins with aplomb. She is the only actor who seems to enjoy her role and have fun with it. The rest of the cast looks bored and tired, as if they are doing it for the sake of it. The movie is a waste of time and money." - Hindustan Times


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